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Go From Idea to Launching Your Podcast in 6 Weeks

Launch consulting for creating and growing your profitable podcast


Your time is NOT a renewable resource

Whether you're educating, inspiring or entertaining your audience, you probably started your podcast because you wanted to share insights, perspectives and experiences with the world.

But there’s a huge time-suck that trips people up along the way: editing and post-production.

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Podcasting without the hassle

We are a done-for-you podcast editing and post-production company.

By removing the technical aspects from your portfolio, you’re freeing up your time to focus on why you got into podcasting in the first place - to grow your business, create even more awesome content and interact with your community!

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Let us do an episode for you, for free!

We know you’ll love working with us and that’s why we offer a zero-cost, zero-commitment episode.

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More than audio

We create content for each episode to get the word out there.

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audio editing

That means that once you’ve recorded your episode, you simply send it to us and we take it from there.

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Feedback From Some of Our Happy Clients:

José Piñero

Mucho Success Podcast

“Paul and his team are amazing! They have taken my concept and my ideas and they have made it into a truly professional, quality podcast”

Erika Vieira

The YouTube Power Hour Podcast

"I rest easy knowing that my podcast is in good hands. It's freed up so much time for me to be able to focus on other aspects of my business that I wasn't able to before."

Sanja Avramovic

Shakti Waves Radio

“I wanted to start a podcast for a really long time and they help me do it. If you want any sort of tips, tricks or strategies for how to create a podcast, they are experts.”


Where do we start?

We’ll start with a call with you to understand your podcast needs and goals. After that, simply send us your unedited episode recording and we’ll take it from there!

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Meet Paul & Alex

We are a husband and wife team and we’re podcasting consultants and podcasters ourselves.

We grew up in Jamaica - where we still live just outside the capital. We were taking the traditional path for years: the college degrees, the grind up the corporate ladder. Paul was a senior software consultant and business development specialist, and Alex was a published scientist and an award-winning chartered accountant. But the traditional path wasn’t the right fit for us.

Through our podcast we found our passion for audio production and marketing. Then we started working with a handful of clients and found that we had a knack for creating engaging content. And after we both left our jobs, we dove into Amazing Gains and started working with podcasters one-on-one full-time.

Now we help experts, coaches and consultants to launch and grow awesome shows that convert.