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How to Create a Podcast That Enrolls Tons of Clients

…without the overwhelm, analysis paralysis and waste of time


What You Will Learn On This
Free Masterclass:

Secret #1

The BIGGEST Podcasting Mistake to Avoid.

How marketing is changing to put you and your podcast at a serious advantage to get more leads, and how popular advice can screw it all up for you.

Secret #2

Never Run Out of Great Content to Talk About. Ever.

The SUPER powerful method to translate your Zone of Genius into an endless stream of authority-building and client-attracting podcast episodes.

Secret #3

How to Hit Your First 1,000 Listeners After You Launch.

Learn the zero-guesswork approach I used to hit 2000 listeners in my first 90 days of my podcast launch, and how to explode that even more.


Hi, I’m Paul

… and I work with coaches and consultants who have hit a ceiling in their growth and who are overwhelmed from working in every area of their business, showing them how to create an impact, reach more people, and sell their services at scale through podcasting so they can stop trading time for money, and earn their freedom.

I hope this masterclass helps knock down the barriers between you and the future you deserve!

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